Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Time Traveling 40

I'm not sure, but I think this was my largest Diamond Jesters Time Travel trade yet. I got 40 cards in the trade this month.

Starting off with some vintage baseball. I snapped up the two 1960 Topps needs right away, then sat and waited a day so that others would have a chance to claim cards. I'm kind of surprised that a Post card went unclaimed, or that great Wade Boggs oddball. It's also surprising that a '65 Al Kaline was still available, though Topps Embossed is pretty unlovable as far as vintage sets go. Still, a '65 Kaline is a '65 Kaline.

These cards beef up my 2022 Topps Heritage set. Some cards that stood out to me included nice action shots of Naquin and Shaw, Kevin Plawecki's name clearly labeled on his chest protector, and a nice powder-blue throwback uniform on Paddack.
It's NFL playoff time, so a good time to show off some football cards. Two quarterbacks who took the Giants to a Super Bowl, and some Hall of Famers too. Marques Colston is one of the very few NFL players to come out of my college, so I like picking up cards of him as well.


  1. I might've claimed the Kaline had I gotten there sooner, as it is pretty neat, though I think I actually like the BK Boggs the best.

  2. I almost kept the Boggs, and probably would have swapped it out if it lasted until next update. No regrets though!