Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Lots of Cards from Cards on Cards

It has been a while since I traded with Cards on Cards, but TCDB gave me a good chance to match up our collections, and I found plenty to trade his way. I was able to pick a really fun variety of cards from his tradelist. Here are some highlights of the dozens of cards he sent me.

Two vintage cards, both from the '65 Embossed set. One fun thing about this set, in the right light the gold foil shines very nicely.

Lots of Heritage cards. I'm really starting to enjoy both the Baseball Flashback and News Flashback insert sets.
Lots of recent Yankee cards.
These might be my favorite cards in the trade. I'd never seen this set before. It's a 1992 McDonald's set celebrating the Cardinals' 100th anniversary. Some great vintage photos of players you don't see a lot on cards anymore.
A fun thing about TCDB is picking out unusual oddballs. I particularly like the airbrushed Olerud who just looks like he has a solid white helmet.

Some odd-sized oddballs. My favorites are those 1998 Cardinals Police cards. Very 90's design on those.


  1. Yeah, that McDonald's set looks like a lot of fun ... I need that Embossed Fairly!

  2. a Lot of fun in them there cards of cards.

  3. Those McDonald's Cardinals are really sharp. I think I have one in my all-Time Teams binder but seeing them here makes me want to add a couple more.

  4. Love that Heritage Hawaii card! And that McDonalds set is pretty cool too. Had no idea Reggie Smith played in St. Louis.

  5. The embossed cards came from one of my old Free Stuff Friday's.