Sunday, February 5, 2023

Blast from the past

Many years ago, The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame was one of the most active blogs around, and SpastikMooss and I traded lots of times. I think our last trade was six or seven years ago. Fortunately, he's been posting again, and now that I've got my cards to trade organized on TCDB I was able to find a few cards for his Jose Lopez PC.

It was only three common cards, and I asked for just one card in return, this cool 1991 Ballstreet Magazine card. This is a few years before Michael Jordan tried playing minor league baseball. Looks like he is popping this one up.

But he surprised me with many more cards as well! These eight are from one of his PCs, Shin-Soo Choo. My favorite is the shiny green one.
Some more fun random cards, with a Twins theme.
I already have the full 1979 Burger King Yankees set, so these are available for trade.
Same with these SI for Kids inserts. I know that some people have started collecting them again. The only person I'm familiar with here is Jim Ryun, I read about him in one of the 1960s Sports Illustrateds I got from Johnny a while back.


  1. Not familiar with any of those SI athletes.
    Shin Soo Choo is a major tongue twister IMO.

  2. SpastikMooss! I always had a tough time cracking his player collections.

  3. He has made it into two blogs posts in the last couple of days

  4. I remember Cliff Johnson from his days with the A's. It always seemed like he looked pissed off on his cards. SI for Kids cards are always nice bonuses, but the highlight of this post is that Ballstreet Jordan.