Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Trade with FreehanSolo

A TCDBer known as FreehanSolo reached out to me for a trade. Turns out he's also the Too Many . . . blogger. He keeps naming his blog after Tigers/Michigan guys, and they keep moving to NY teams. Guess he'll have to change it again. Maybe just go FreehanSolo which I think is a lot cooler anyway. Funny we've both been blogging for years but this is our first trade.

He offered me some of my mid-90s set needs in exchange for a smaller number of his needs. Here is what he sent me.

Here are five needs from '96 Donruss, and now I need just five more. And with Tim Salmon gone, my only needs for '95 Score are two of the checklists. Lots of big names here, with Matt Lawton scratching his head wondering how he got into this group of superstars.

A cavalcade of stars from 1996 Leaf whittles that list down to just four.
An even bigger parade of stars brings that list down to just seven.
When Dennis proposed the trade he had just sent me the card numbers and I didn't look that closely other than to see that they matched my wantlist, so I didn't realize just how much star power was coming my way. He threw in some surprise extras as well, and I needed most of these:

The Sterling card of Tino Martinez is my favorite. Helps that I'm one of the few people who actually likes the Yankee announcer named Sterling. 

This was a really nice package, nicer than what I sent him, going to look for some more cards to send his way.

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  1. Dennis is good people. And it is a bit strange that it took you two so long to start interacting.