Sunday, December 25, 2022

1964/1965 lot

I picked up a lot of 1964 and 1965 cards that managed to fall into my quarter/card vintage requirements, while still having some cards that I needed. There's a lot more trade bait than needed cards, but they're in good enough condition that I wouldn't be embarrassed sending any of these out in a trade.

Ten needs from 1964 Topps. The league leaders with Koufax and Marichal is definitely the highlight, though there are also some great Polo Grounds background on Roseboro and Kuenn's cards. Fritz Ackley shares a rookie card with Don Buford, and the next year would share one with Steve Carlton. He was hardly a real prospect though - a 10-year minor leaguer at this point, who would total five major league appearances.

Lots of '64's available to trade, mostly commons and almost all between #1-111.
My '65 setbuild is well behind others of the era, and I was able to add 12 more cards to my set with this lot. My favorite by far is the AL ERA leaders card. The NL card only had two players on it because the #3 man in ERA, Chris Short, did not have a Topps contract. I'm guessing Topps wanted the two leagues' cards to match, so #3 Whitey Ford was not included on this card. Still, there are two great photos with nice Stadium backgrounds, most particularly that great scoreboard behind Dean Chance, with the huge Hamm's Beer ad and the Longines clock, once a staple of most big league scoreboards. I'm not sure of the location but it's a great card, one I've wanted for a while. The other cards are really nice too, including Hoyt Wilhelm, Steve Hamilton with a Mel Stottlemyre cameo, and an early Pete Rose appearance on the Reds team card.
Got some '65 tradebait too, ranging from a Sandy Alomar rookie card to a couple of Hall of Fame pitchers.


  1. Nice group of cards. And around the 25 cent threshold too!

    Always interesting to see player cards of guys I think of as managers (Roger Craig - seen above, Schoendienst, Dick Williams, etc. )

  2. Anything vintage Koufax for a quarter is great deal. His prices seem to have really gone up since the boom.

    If they're still available, you can add the '64 Boog and the '65 Wes Parker to my pile.