Friday, December 9, 2022

Time Traveling again

Here are my latest time traveling pickups from Diamond Jesters. Five football cards, four from the '70s and one from the '80s. Looking at a #42 makes me think of Jackie Robinson, even on a football card.

More baseball time travelling. There is a card from 1980 reprinting a card from 1953 (It's George Kell. There was also a George Bell available but I had it already.) There is a card from 1983 with a player from the 1930s. And there is a card from almost 40 years ago and a card from almost 20 years ago, both of which feature players just a bit below Hall of Fame caliber.



  1. That Cramer Foxx is my favorite here. I found the cards from my abandoned build of that set the other day, and after going through then again, I'm sort of thinking about picking it back up.