Monday, December 19, 2022

1986 Topps stickers lot

My introduction to major league baseball came via the 1986 Topps sticker book. It was the first baseball thing  I collected, any my first introduction to most players active in 1986 when I started following baseball came from these stickers. Unfortunately I did not keep my old sticker books but I have new ones for all of the 1980s Topps baseball sets and have occasionally been adding stickers. Sadly I did not have many for my favorite book, 1986, but I was able to somewhat rectify it with a lot of over 100 stickers for just $2 shipped.

In 1986 I collected maybe 2/3 or 3/4 of the stickers, so most of these photos are very familiar and bring back fond memories. It is also fun to see stickers I never got the first time around.

Pulling out a few of my favorites. SO many interesting poses like Mike Davis sitting almost cross-legged as he stretches, Herm Winningham looking like he's falling down, crawling to the base. One-armed Willie Hernandez. Willie McGee with stats written on the bill of his cap. Chet Lemon being interviewed. Etc etc
There was some duplication in the lot, and I had a few already. When I was done putting stickers in the book, these were left over as trade bait. Hopefully these will be useful for someone else's collection!


  1. I wish I still had my sticker book from 1982. I almost had it complete...

  2. I'll have to figure out (in time) any of those books that I still have. but it will be awhile for sure.

  3. A. That photo of Mike Davis is awesome! If he were a tad bit more popular, it would be cool to see him appear on a Stadium Club card with that photo. I remember watching him play back in the 80's at the Coliseum.

    B. Nice purchase. No way I'd pass up $2 shipped for this stack of stickers. Although I don't think I was still buying these by the time 1986 rolled around. All my money was being spent on packs of baseball cards.

  4. Are you sticking them in the book?