Thursday, December 22, 2022

Dime Box giveaway cards and more

Dime Boxes recently had another very generous giveaway. Nick has so many great cards in these giveaways that it is hard to restrain myself, but at the beginning I claimed "only" nine cards. Then I waited for the picking to die down and claimed some more, and Nick surprised me with many extras too! I didn't feel too bad about picking a lot of cards, because now that my tradelist is mostly up on TCDB, I can attack people's PCs better. I was getting tapped out on Nick's mini-collection needs, but was able to send him a 200-count box of PC cards this time.

Of the initial cards I picked, I think only two would likely to have had a lot of demand from others, the two vintage Dodger oddballs. And the Dodger fans probably would have had them already. The other cards nobody else would have liked anyway, six Yankees and Bryce Harper. (Harper I don't have any strong feelings about, I just really liked that photo.)

I waited and watched while others picked, then when 24 hours went by with nobody picking, I claimed a bunch more, like these oddballs. Really surprised that another vintage Garvey had slipped through.
I also claimed these three shiny cards. I didn't realize the Yount card would be shiny until I had it in hand, just thought it was a cool photo.
Some more miscellaneous fun cards that were left over. The Bryant is my first TBT card, I find that concept very interesting (the concept of using old designs from outside of baseball, not the concept of making them expensive online exclusives). And the mystery Yankee on the Conlon card turned out to be Leo Durocher, which is pretty cool.
Nick packed the bubble mailer with a lot more fun cards! There were many Yankee cards, and I needed most of them.
These were my favorites. Somehow I have very few '85 Donruss Highlights. Torres and Cole are my first time seeing '22 Topps Fire, and I actually like the graphics. That '90-Leaf style Jasson Dominguez is a real licensed card, though it looks and feels like a custom card, below the quality of the stuff defgav or gmixo put out. Hopefully Dominguez lives up to the hype and I'll be able to enjoy the card for more than just it's cheesiness.
Not every extra card was a Yankees. Some great oddballs here, including another vintage Garvey! The Kiki Cuyler is from Old Style Beer. Oddly enough I can't think of any card sets from beer companies, though I'm sure there must be some.
Thanks Nick!


  1. The Ruth/Gehrig is my favorite here. And I like your approach to claiming, it gives other people a chance.

  2. Love the Kris Bryant On Demand tribute

  3. What set are the Munson and Ruth/Gehrig cards from? I've seen that design before, but can't remember the details.