Thursday, September 8, 2022

Two packages from Johnny

First off, RIP former Royals and Cardinals pitcher Mark Littell. He answered one of my baseball card questions in 2017.

I got two items yesterday from Johnny's Trading Spot. One was a PWE with my latest winnings from his daily contest which will be going on all year.  Shiny Stanton is the big one for me, but they're all great cards. Shiny Strasburg is great too, and Benintendi is one of the few remaining 2019's I need.

Johnny also trades cards, and he reached out to me with a trade for some 1971s. He sent me 55 cards from that set, which now puts me at over 80% completion. It was lagging a bit behind the other sets in the '68-'72 range but not anymore. Highlights included a Ted Simmons rookie and lots of semi-high and high-numbers, plus almost all of my remaining low-numbered common needs.

I love the '71 design (at least the front). So many great photos too. Lots of great Yankee Stadium shots for example.

Lots of interesting things going on in the background too, like the vehicle sneaking up on Dalton Jones, or the dad and kids behind Jim French.

My absolute favorite is this Ken Boswell card. I've written before about Dal Maxvill's card in the set, which has a clear view of the Whitestone Bridge miles beyond the left field wall. This one has an even clearer view of the bridge, and I really like the light poles and even the tree in the background. This is instantly one of my favorite cards in the set. I couldn't stop looking at it, and was treating it carefully like it was a big star card.


  1. I will always have a deep appreciation of that Benintendi card!

  2. Congrats on the win, and I'm sure both sides came out alright with that trade!