Sunday, September 25, 2022

Johnny's Trading Spot contest - the prizes are changing

Won another contest at Johnny's Trading Spot. Those of you haven't entered because the cards haven't fit into your collection might want to rethink - looks like Johnny is shifting from modern sets with vintage players, to stars from 1990s and 2000s sets. Those of you who build those sets know it's easy to accumulate the commons rather quickly, but the big stars are a lot harder to get a hold of.

Rivera is of course my favorite here, but that photo of Frank Thomas looking like he's dancing is pretty great. I also like the one where Ripken is shaking a disembodied hand. These will certainly help my setbuilding for these Stadium Club and Upper Deck sets.


  1. That Thome has been one of my top cheap wants for about a year now. Such a great image. I really should breakdown one of these days and just get it off of Sportlots.