Sunday, September 11, 2022

Cards and vintage stuff: August 27, 1940

War in Europe dominated the news of August 27, 1940. There was heavy fighting in Romania and Hungary, while London continued to be firebombed in airborne attacks. In the US, which was not yet in the war, President Roosevelt signed an order authorizing him to call up National Guard and Army Reserve units for a year, while completing a trade with Great Britain to send them 50 destroyers in exchange for permission to set up naval and air bases in British colonies. Meanwhile, a coup in Cameroon put the Free French in control of that African colony.

Meanwhile, it was Democratic primary time in Arkansas, and County Judge J.G. "Burley" Burlingame won re-election. Burlingame was a popular figure in Little Rock, owning an auto parts business that still exists today. 

In St. Louis, a five-hour drive north from Little Rock, the Cardinals held off the Boston Bees 4-3. The Redbirds were already up 3-0 when Marty Marion led off the fourth inning with a home run. That insurance run proved to be vital when the Bees scored three runs late in the game, with St. Louis holding on for a 4-3 triumph.


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  1. One would have to think that that particular matchbook would be pretty rare. It's hard to imagine any books from long forgotten local elections surviving in great quantities.