Friday, September 23, 2022

Shiny Rockies

I was the only bidder on 13 mostly shiny cards for $0.95. I guess not many people care about the Rockies these days. They were a fun team when they first came into the league, but aren't very interesting these days, I guess. I see they're 40 games out in the standings right now. Still, I'll take cheap shiny cards from any team.

These were the non shiny cards. Still have a lenticular, a blue parallel, and Ian Desmond throwing his helmet.

Here are the shiny, foily cards. Hard to tell from the picture but even the A&G has some foil. I've grown to like X-Fractors more over the years.


  1. I really liked the X-Fractors when I came back to collecting, but they don't really do much for me these days. I think I'm just about shined out.