Thursday, September 22, 2022

1959 Topps High Number Lot

I was able to pick up a cheap lot of '59s in low-grade condition. I hadn't checked the card numbers, and was pleasantly surprised that it was mostly high-numbers. High numbers for the '59 set aren't as rare as for some other years, but they're still significantly rarer than other series for that set.

There were only three cards in the lot of 25 that were not high-numbers and two were Hall of Famers. Not a Hall-of-Fame job trimming these, but that doesn't bother me too much.

Here are some of the high-numbered cards I needed. Mike Garcia is the biggest name and probably best photo of these.
The rest of the high numbers were five all-star cards! My favorite of these is the Moose Skowron, of course.
I ended up with six cards to trade. There was a bit of duplication so there were two Blaylocks and Morgans. I already had a Bamberger, as well as Geiger and Arias. I think my other copies of Geiger and Bamberger are in pretty good shape, otherwise everything else to trade is pretty rough.
Lots of fun cartoons on the back, but I'll spare you those and just show you my favorite, which has instantly become one of my favorite vintage card backs.