Monday, September 12, 2022

Cards from Bill and Bob (via Night Owl)

I got two PWEs this weekend from Night Owl. Lots of fun cards in both envelopes.

Some of the cards were modern set needs. My favorite of these is the Jeff Kent parking lot card.

The rest were vintage. Here are four from the 1970 set. That Aparicio is a nice looking card. I was intrigued by the markings on the Dick McAuliffe card, but I couldn't make out any words or numbers, if that was what they were, even holding it up to a mirror.
The best card starwise was this 1975 Hostess Pete Rose. I love the photo too. The more I see Hostess cards the more I enjoy the photos. I think Hostess is becoming my favorite vintage card to acquire outside of the base Topps sets.
Here are seven from the Bill Wetmore collection. I've gotten several cards like this from Night Owl over the years. In the early 60's some kid named Bill Wetmore marked all of his cards with a W, and then in case that wasn't enough, got himself a "Bill Wetmore" stamp and went to town.
I don't know if Bill Wetmore and Bob Bolton were friends, but Bob was also careful to label his card in pen . . .
. . . and then later on got himself a stamp, one-upping Bill by having his name underlined!
As I was putting these away, I noticed I had another Bob Bolton card I'd forgotten about. It was stamped on the back (with underline) but not written on otherwise. Fun stuff, cards with lots of character.


  1. Dang it, Bill!

    I thought parking lot cards were exclusively the domain of 70s sets.

  2. That was some Christmas when Bill and Bob got stamp pads under the tree.

  3. I think if I had been born a few years earlier, I would have been one of those kids who wrote his name on his cards. But by the time I started collecting, there were pocket price guides being sold at our school's book fairs, so I knew they had some potential value to them.

  4. I didn't know there was an origin story for the W on the cards! Who was able to track that down?