Saturday, September 10, 2022

Canadian cards from Canada

Eriqulous on TCDB reached out to me for a trade, mostly to fill in some blanks in his Tony Fernandez PC. We exchanged PWEs (happily, mine made it despite what I was sure was going to be insufficient postage), and his came to me without incident as well.

Trading with a Canadian, I picked out some cards from north of the border that were on his trade list. Half the PWE were OPC Yankees. Simple but nice.

More fun were the Canadian oddballs I picked out. I'd never heard of Dempster's - turns out it's a bread company. This looks a lot cooler than a Wonder Bread card, even if it's a ripoff of the '86 Donruss design.
The rest of the Canadian cards were McDonald's issues. Can't get much more American than that. These three were from 1992. I particularly like the Kelly Gruber card with the Warren Cromartie cameo in the Royals' powder-blue jersey, makes the photo look a lot older than 1992.
Finally, these four from the 1993 set, chronicling Blue Jays history and their first World Championship. I picked out four where I really liked the photos. I remember when photos of that home plate collision seemed to be everywhere. I'm pretty sure it's on other cards too but I can't think of them offhand.


  1. That Dempster's set looks really good. And from the couple of cards I saw on COMC, they seem to have used to some neat shots for the set.

  2. I love 80's OPC baseball cards. You're the second guy with 1980 OPC baseball cards in a blog post today. Gavin showed off his Stieb rookie.

  3. I'm actually on the process of putting together the Dempster's set. Definitely bought some loaves to get the cards back in the day, with someone else eating most of the bread.

    TCDB is what probably convinced me to finish the set!

  4. Was at a card show and saw a few of those McDonald's cards. I passed on them but am kind of regretting it now.

    1. Hey, regular reader of your blog, infrequent commenter.

      Happy to send some your way, I have a bunch of extras. I'll get in touch by email

  5. I really like those McDonald's Blue Jays cards. Grabbed a bunch of them in a Sportlots order a while back.