Friday, September 2, 2022

The Time Traveler Strikes Back

In addition to the Nolan Ryan cards, Diamond Jesters also sent me the cards from our monthly Time Travel Trade.

Starting off with two shiny parallels of Adrian Beltre. I especially like the sparkly Shock parallel and would be interested in possibly trading for more Shock cards.

Justin Verlander Turkey Red from 2008. I like that they put signs on the outfield wall that could have been there in the early 20th century. Beeman's Gum was a real gum company back then, for example.
I was very happy to get a young Jorge Posada. Not a rookie card but close.
These were my favorites from the bunch. I'm not actively collecting the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back cards, but I'm very happy to add them to my collection. Wouldn't it be cool to have Star Wars time travel stories? I think so.


  1. The signs really make the Verlander card.

  2. Hey, if Fleer says it's a Posada rookie, then it's a rookie! ;)