Monday, September 26, 2022

Odds and ends

I've been getting lucky on a few ultra-cheap eBay auctions. I usually take a look at what is going for really cheap. Here's a bit of what I've gotten lately. None of these were worth their own post by themselves.

Eleven shiny blue foil cards from 2017 Topps Opening Day. Some reasonably big stars and of course very shiny cards. $1.11 - a dime a card. Funny thing is I only have two cards from the base set that year.

Eleven cards from 2004 Fleer Tradition. Not as interesting a set but $0.49 with no bids I figured "why not". No one else wanted them, and I needed ten of the eleven (Catalanotto's the dupe) so I'm happy with them.
1961 Topps Willie Kirkland. I bid a quarter as I always do, and I came up outbid at $0.27, which I knew meant it wasn't any higher. I bid $0.32 figuring it would eventually get topped but it didn't.
Finally, two autographed Phillies cards for $0.50. I've interviewed Glanville for my blog and that's a great card of his, so it's fun to have an autographed copy.


  1. Glanville was an Ivy Leaguer - Penn.

  2. You seem to be one of a few bloggers who bid on things like this. I wonder how often you and the other guys end up bidding against each other.