Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mostly '50s

This little lot of damaged cards I stayed within the "rules". Well almost, a little more than a quarter a card. Some nice variety though.

These three are actually from 1961. The Dykes is my only dupe for this lot. Always happy to add a Baseball Thrills, and Posts are always fun oddballs.

Two '56s. I interviewed Don Ferrarese recently, so was happy to pick up one of his cards.
The two oldest cards in the lot, a '53 Topps and a '51 Bowman. Both cards, especially the Bowman, are in a bit of a fragile state, but it's not every day you can cards from these sets for a quarter.
It's always a fun surprise for the postage on your envelope to be old stamps! The Sixth International Philatelic Exhibition stamp is from 1966, the George Washington credo is from 1960, and the Ohio Sesquicentennial is from 1953.


  1. amazing they had stamps around for 60+ years. Also cool to have done tha interview, he must be getting way up there in age.

    1. I'm more impressed that they were able to get all of those into a PWE.

  2. Old cards, no matter how frail, are always cool. Those Post cards from 1961 always seem to be beat up.