Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Vacation street trade

 I had some vacation time to use up, and no trips planned, so I used my time off to do something I'd been wanting to do for a while - spending some time around the city taking wallet card photos. I know those posts are usually my least-commented on, and are barely relevant for a baseball card blog. However I really like "collecting" these old signs and other remnants of the recent or distant past. I took dozens of photos in areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and (a little bit) Queens. I hadn't been to much, if at all, and just generally enjoyed exploring some areas that were new to me. Most of the photos I will group into categories rather than having a new post for each one. Some will be worth individual posts. Tomorrow's will actually be baseball-related, with the last remaining piece of the Polo Grounds (even says New York Giants!).

While in the city I also did a little street trade with Al. I got nine cards in return for what I gave him (Riveras, Mattinglys, Gary Carters, Strawberrys, Bo Jacksons). I would barely get a passing grade on remembering what I had, as I only needed six of them. I still like what I got, though. The top three are all from the 1995 Select Certified set. On the bottom are an Andruw Jones insert, a very shiny 1996 Topps card (my personal favorite of the bunch), and an autograph of a guy named Shannon Myers who never played in the NFL, ended up in NASCAR as part of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s pit crew, and is now in medical sales.

These three I had already, and are up for trade.


  1. I guess I should comment more since I really enjoy seeing your wallet card posts with old signs and buildings.

  2. I'm fan of the "old stuff around town" posts. I'd probably enjoy them more if I had any connection to the places, but even so, I like knowing that some of those sorts of things are still around.

  3. I learn a lot about New York from your wallet card posts. I've never been there, but those posts are the closest thing I have to visiting it.