Friday, August 12, 2022

Cards and vintage stuff: September 11-12-13 1953

The news in the weekend of September 11-12-13 1953 was mostly concerned about negotiations regarding the recently-concluded Korean War, a newly independent nation of Cambodia, and a mayor race in New York City. The cover of the September 13, 1953 New York Times presented an interesting foreshadowing of two men who would dominate headlines in the early 1960s. The cover photo shows Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy cutting his wedding cake with bride Jacqueline Bouvier, while the last column on the right notes that Nikita Khruschev has won the power struggle in the wake of Stalin's death earlier in the year and has become First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

While senators wed and communists plotted, matchcover collectors gathered at the Hotel John Marshall in Richmond, VA for their 13th annual convention. J. Marty Deen was elected President of the Rathkamp Matchcover Society, while Dr. Charles Higgs was voted Collector of the Year.

Meanwhile, the nearby Washington Senators were coming to the end of a .500 season. True to form in a year where they went 42-42 in the first half and 34-34 in the second, the team swept a two-game series with Cleveland on Friday and Saturday, and then lost both games of a Sunday doubleheader to the Tigers. Mickey Vernon had eight hits and five RBI in the four games, with at least one hit and RBI in each game and a home run in the second game on Sunday.



  1. wouldn't it be nice if the powers to be in "our" baseball card hobby would listen to our voices.

  2. Another show that you were born too late to attend.