Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hollywood bit players on baseball cards: Part 26

Today's bit player had just one role in front of the cameras in Hollywood. In 1960, he played Bob Fanning, an assistant railroad agent, on an episode of the TV western Sugarfoot. Later he briefly went into a role as a production trainee in a Hollywood Studio before embarking on a law career.

It's Chuck Essegian! Fresh off his 1959 World Series heroics (two pinch hit home runs), Essegian became one of many Dodgers to land a TV role. Essegian was one of the most intelligent men in baseball during his playing career. He had initially studied to be a doctor while at Stanford, and was a proficient violinist. After his baseball career, he briefly worked in a Hollywood studio before getting his law degree, and he was a practicing attorney for 30 years.

I have three of Essegian's cards, from 1958, 1960 and 1963.


  1. That's pretty awesome to have such a lucrative career "just in case the baseball thing doesn't work out"

  2. Bo a while back you had some 1971 baseball available I'm interested in them I would have emailed you about them then but I gotten a new email since the last one I no longer have access to remind you that I am friends with fellow blogger The Collective Mind so watch your junk folder for my new email & I believe that Chuck platooned w/Frank 'Hondo Hurricane' Howard

  3. I only know of him by name. Who knew that there was so much more behind that name!