Monday, August 8, 2022

1971 lot

I was fortunate to pick up a "low grade" 1971 lot that really wasn't at all bad. My 1971 set is behind the others of the same era, so I can still get plenty of cards I need in a lot like this. This appears to have been one of the new collectors/flippers of new cards who don't know much about vintage. These are actually pretty good for '71s, with no real damage other than the ubiquitous visible corner wear.

I needed 26 cards out of the 75-card lot. Highlights include three high numbers, the last two League Leaders I needed, card #1 "World Champions", the famous Vida Blue card, and a should-be-famous Gene Tenace card, with him posing as a catcher on the infield dirt of Cleveland Stadium.

Lots of nice dupes to trade. Maybe you are working on a '71 set? Some of the best cards included an unmarked Series 1 checklist, several League Leader and World Series cards, some Hall of Famers (Niekro, Hunter, Morgan, Torre) and a high number (Milt Ramirez, #702).


  1. I just grabbed some very nice 71 high numbers yesterday myself. But man o man did it hurt. 71's are tough.

  2. You sure are getting some big names in these last couple of lots. The Tenace is a cool card, and nice to see someone recognizing that.

    If they haven't already been claimed, could you set aside the Hunter, Morgan, and Torre for future considerations?

  3. Don't think I ever noticed Tenace on the infield dirt before. Pretty cool.