Saturday, August 13, 2022

Come to Bo for all your junk wax needs

Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown emailed me recently. He's working on a project and needed some star and semi-star cards from a certain junk wax set, and said "I figure you'd be the guy to check with". I don't know what the project is, but with Gavin I'm sure it'll be something creative and fun. I was able to find about 50 cards for him, and he return he sent me some great extras from his 1972 Topps build.

Tom Seaver is a big name; all the others are semi-high-numbers from the 500s and 600s. I'm always happy to turn a larger amount of junk wax cards into a smaller amount of vintage cards like these.


  1. How have I never seen that Rich Reese before? That's gonna be one for the want list!

  2. Any trade where both sides get what they want and get rid of extras they have is a win, no matter what it looks like to people outside the trade!

    1. Agree 100% with Crh614's comment. Sweet Seaver!

  3. I can get behind turning junk wax into beautiful 1972s! I mean, I like junk wax, but not compared to 1972 Topps.