Sunday, August 7, 2022

A tasty Hostess lot

I don't have many Hostess lots, so was happy (and surprised) to land a pretty big lot rather cheaply. This was all '77s, '78s and '79s. The cards were clearly from panels that were cut up, as they were all in three-number sets. Lots of stars in here, so they weren't weeded out either.

I have very few '79's, but I have a few more now with these six.

Same with '78s, I have a lot more now. My favorite is definitely the Mickey Rivers, favorite player here and best picture. The Ron Cey photo looks a lot like his Topps card from that year.
Lots of '77s. Some big names here like Schmidt, Winfield, Fidrych. The young stars of the day. Someone took a bite out of Al Oliver. Maybe they thought he was part of the twinkie.
I did have two of these cards already, so Simmons and Slaton are available for trade (and I will check to see if I have better conditioned copies).


  1. Are you working on all of these sets too?

  2. ooh, I wish I saw these. Though money has been tight recently so I haven't been shopping.

  3. I'm hurting with the 78's and 79's too.

  4. I love Hostess cards. Every time I come across a blogger who is building 70's sets... I get a little jealous. Good luck.

  5. Nice cards. Stars like Schmidt and Bowa and fan favorites like Winfield as a Padre and Fidrych.

    I don't see a Hostess logo on the fronts, but I do see team logos on the uniforms which is probably more important.