Sunday, December 5, 2021

Cards from Wax Pack Wonders

I got a few cards from my modern wantlist from Wax Pack Wonders. While those lists are largely sets I'm trying to complete, I also have a section on miscellaneous wants. (I really need to fix the hyperlinks that got messed up with the conversion to the new Google Sites.) 

Some of the cards come from player interviews. If I use a card image for a card I don't have, I put that card on my wantlist so I can eventually update the post with a photo of my own card. Such was the case for these two cards.

When I got back into collecting about 15 years ago, one area which I concentrated on was error cards. I used the Beckett Almanac to target these kinds of cards. Jeff found these two from 2006 Bazooka. On the back of Anderson's card, Topps couldn't figure out if Anderson's first name was Garret or Garrett. (It's Garret.) And the two blurbs on the back of Joe Crede's card are actually for Rafael Palmeiro!

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  1. Wrong blurbs on the back is a pretty big error. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention that card on the blogs before.