Sunday, December 5, 2021

'54 and '70

 I got a nice vintage trade package from Johnny's Trading Spot. Mostly from 1970 Topps.

First half of the '70s. Some of these I had just gotten the OPC version of in my recent acquisition. Including that Dick Hall card which I had taken a photo of already for my next "vintage backgrounds" post. Another of these guys is a future "Hollywood Bit Players" post as well, becoming a professional "stand in" for famous actors after his baseball career.

Part II of the '70s. I don't like the Mets but I can certainly appreciate that iconic Tommie Agee card. Most of these are Series 5 and Series 6, the high numbers. Out of the first 459 cards (Series 1-4) I now only need 32 cards, half of which are commons.
Finishing it off with some mildly worn but eye-popping '54s. The cut area of Marsh's card turned Fred Marsh into Red Marsh. I don't mind though.
Thanks Johnny!


  1. If I don't watch it you'll finish your 70' set before I do. lol.

  2. That's quite a big sign behind Fred Gladding. How long before we see something like that in MLB bullpens?

  3. Now you got me curious about the future stand-in!