Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A little '68 lot

There wasn't a whole lot in this lot that I needed, but 40 '68's for $8 shipped was good enough for me.

Here's what I needed from the lot. Not bad - very happy to get a Killebrew, even though it is trimmed. Two Yankees, two rookie stars with some fairly big names, and two high numbers. Plus three checklists which I had, but these are each different variations.

This leads to some trade bait! The condition of these cards varies quite a bit. Biggest names are Juan Marichal (trimmed like the Killebrew), Tim McCarver, Clay Carroll John Sain, and Walt Alston.


  1. Somebody really didn't like old Bob Moose :)

  2. The McCarver looks like a nice one.

    I saw a lot of '68s in this kind of condition when I started collecting cards as a kid in the late '80s-early '90s. They were the cheapest vintage issues my LCS had, and I was happy to pay 50 cents for cards like this 30 years ago.