Thursday, January 26, 2023

Vintage equipment: 1962 Topps

A couple of more cards with interesting equipment from the 1962 set . . . 

The '62 Walter Alston is one of the great manager cards of all time, with Smokey posing with a bunch of bats in what looks like a broom closet. If he looks like he's grimacing in pain, it might be because at least one bat is poking him in the stomach. Unfortunately, only one bat has a number visible on the knob. It appears to be #30, the late, great Maury Wills. Wills famously didn't have a card in the set until Topps created a fake card for the '75 MVP subset, but he makes a bit of a cameo appearance on this card. (Wills's name is also on the NL hitting leaders and Dodgers team card. I guess it's also in the team photo on the latter.)

Julio Gotay's glove looks like it was colored with a marker. I don't know why, and I couldn't find any other photos of him with a glove. Certainly an unusual look.


  1. Love that Julio picture taken at The Polo Grounds!! Sweet!

  2. Gotay's glove reminds me of my first Little League glove. My sister who loves to color and draw... used my glove as her canvas. Anyways... she added wide stripes with a Sharpie like pen.