Tuesday, January 31, 2023

1986 Sportflics Decade Greats: The Finale

I started this series about two and a half years ago after winning a set from a big contest at A Cracked Bat. Hopefully Julie comes back to blogging at some point; I see she's on TCDB but not trading for the moment. It was a lot of fun seeing all of these vintage players in the Sportflics format. I'm not really enthusiastic about doing posts for the '70s and '80s, as the photos from these decades aren't really that different from what you would see on a Sportflics card normally. I'm going to close out this series with some of my favorite photos from the '70s and '80s cards. I'm not done doing a set blog, however. Next time this spot comes up in the "batting order", I am going to start my 1976 SSPC series.

As a Yankee fan, it's so weird to see Reggie Jackson wearing #9.

That's much better.
1986 was a big year for Pete Rose and his shaggy hair to appear on cards. So it was a nice bit of variety that Sportflics went with the crew-cut '60's Rose for this set.
Great photo of Lou Brock with lots of Wrigley ivy in the background.
Lots of bloggers love Steve Garvey. I thought this was an interesting photo, though it was hard to get a good angle.
Few, if any Yankees, are more beloved by their fans than Thurman Munson.
Vida Blue doesn't have the highest leg kick of a Giants pitcher in this set (that title still belongs to Juan Marichal), but that's a great effort.
This set came through halfway through the '80s, so some of the players in there probably would not make an all-80s team. Tony Pena is one of those, but this is still a great photo.
I love the Yankee photos in this set, but I have to give credit to a great Mets card when I see one. This Gary Carter photo is another one that is hard to get a good angle on, but really evokes '80s Shea Stadium in the cold weather of April or October.
I love that Sportflics captured the quirky motion of Fernando Valenzuela looking up at his glove during his delivery.
Ending with a couple of great Yankees, Rickey Henderson tearing up the basepaths . . .
. . . and Don Mattingly's classic swing.


  1. Now you've really got me wanting to pick up this set myself! And I also hope Julie returns to blogging.

  2. Fun cards. Super excited for the 1976 SSPC review!!!

  3. I don't have many of those SSPC cards, but I actually picked up a few from a dime box this weekend! Looking forward to that series.

  4. A. Miss Julie around the blogosphere.

    B. Love this set.

    C. I think if you asked me to name a catcher from the 80's, Pena might just be the first one that pops into my head.

  5. Wow, can't believe this series has been running for over two years! looking forward to the next one. Oh, and if you're out there Julie, count me among the many who miss your whimsical posts!

  6. The last couple of times that I've spoken to Julie, she's mentioned coming back at some point, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.