Friday, June 17, 2022

Will it say on my tombstone that I bought too many baseball cards?

I picked up a two little lots of cards from a seller that had a bunch of cheap auction. I guess these were the ones nobody else wanted.

The bigger lot was Tombstone Pizza cards. I was not aware of Tombstone Pizza, apparently it's a frozen pizza brand from Wisconsin. I've never encountered it; I live in a part of the country that is quite snobbish about it's pizza. Apparently there was one card packaged with each pizza, and you could also mail away for the full set. This lot had a complete, sealed 1994 set (30 cards) and some individual '94s still packaged up, as well as three '95s still in their little packages.

I needed 21 of the 30 cards.

Here is what is up for trade. Biggest name in the loose cards is Ken Griffey Jr. The plastic that the individually-wrapped cards are in is translucent, so you can see what is inside without opening. If it's hard to see, these four are Albert Belle, Cecil Fielder, Cal Ripken and Robin Yount.
I needed two of the three '95s. I wrecked the Hamelin a bit getting it out of the plastic - should have used a scissor instead of just pinching and pulling. The card I had already, leaving in the plastic if someone wants it in trade, is Frank Thomas.
The other lot was from the 1992 Fleer Roger Clemens set. I thought it was a full set, I should have looked closer, it was a lot with a lot of dupes. I did get seven cards I needed.
The rest are up for trade - maybe to a Red Sox fan or someone who likes black-and-gold cards?


  1. I know I need most of those Clemens, as well as the Tombstone Greenwell. I'll have to see what I can find for you and send you an offer...

  2. Red Baron, Tombstone, and Tony's were the big three for frozen pizza's when I was a kid. We didn't do frozen pizza's very often, but when we did, Tony's was my favorite, if only because I thought that their pepperoni was the best.

    If they haven't been claimed yet, could you set aside the Griffey, Jefferies, and Justice for a future mailing?

  3. The only frozen pizza I'll buy (when on sale) is the Red Baron French bread. I'd consider Tombstone... if they started putting cards with their frozen pizzas again.

  4. Tombstone's not bad. They had haha commercials where the outlaw asks ominously, "What do you want on your Tombstone?" and the lawman replies "Cheese and Pepperoni".