Sunday, June 19, 2022

Vintage and more from Card Hemorrhage

Card Hemorrhage has been gravitating away from baseball and towards hockey. That's fortunate for me, as I actually have some pretty decent hockey cards for trade. He sent me a really nice package of baseball cards in advance of the hockey cards I am sending him.

Much of the package was vintage cards, like these six '62s, highlighted by a second-year Juan Marichal card.

I love the back of the Hal Smith card with the advertisement for Topps football cards. Topps put out a really nice football set in '62; I don't actually own any cards from that set though.
He found quite a few '67 needs for me.
Four from '69 and '70, highlighted by that great Reggie Jackson second-year card.
Three more from early 70s Topps, including the last common non-high number I needed for the '73 set. Now I just need 33 more cards to finish off the set - four lower-numbered Hall of Famers, and 29 high-numbers (including the Schmidt). I am going to have to start targeting those cards more in my searches.
Finishing off the vintage section with some great oddballs, including a '73 OPC.
Moving into the 1980s, Jay included an unopened pack of 1981 Topps Scratch-Offs.
The back is fun too. It's funny to think of Ring Pops as brand new; they seemed like they'd been around forever as a kid in the mid-to-late eighties.
Six panels of three cards each on the inside. Biggest stars are Henderson, Palmer, Dawson and Seaver. Should I break up the panels into individual cards? Too late, I already did.
Lots of modern cards as well, mostly but not all from Jay's SF Giants.


  1. Quite the haul.
    The Reggie wins it.

  2. You must have some good hockey to trade, because this was a pretty solid group!