Monday, June 13, 2022

Vintage backgrounds: 1974 Topps

 Here's a few cards that struck me in the '74 set, not really enough on any of these for a full post.

Joe Morgan's '74 card actually features him playing against the A's in the '72 World Series. Very unusual for a Topps base card.

Both this card . . .
. . . and this card feature baserunners in poor running position, hands on their hips. Presumably, they are watching the reliever warm up.
If you are wondering about the specifics of those games, 1974 Topps Blog figured them out a long time ago. Morgan Rodriguez Knowles
This last card is a little different. I love the background, of course, with the Bronx skyline, the Yankee Stadium ads, and the many players getting their pregame workout in. But I was struck by two things in the foreground. First, it's amazing how scraggly a big league field could look. Lots of bare patches in the grass you'd never see today. Also, there is something on the ground by Singer's foot. Just a piece of trash, or a photographer's mark to place Singer where he needed him?



  1. Eduardo is one of two '74 Brewers that I consider my first two cards ever. Nice to know where that shot comes from!

  2. I spent several seconds staring at the Knowles figuring out what the heck was going on with the "hands on hip" runner. Then I read your "warm up" explanation and had one of those "aha" moments. Can't believe that didn't come to me.

  3. Scraggly fields were much more appealing than all of the fancy ones you see these days. They looked like they were actually being used for their intended purpose.