Friday, June 3, 2022

Snapping up some Yankees

Lately Crocodile Sports Cards has been giving away some cards on his blog. I claimed three Yankee cards, all from 1998, which was certainly a great year for the Yanks. Bernie Williams was one of the best players on that team. Homer Bush was fun to watch and had a fun name. Jason Halper was a 54th round pick as a favor to his dad, a famed memorabilia collector, whose collection included a small ownership share of the Yankees. (To quote John McMullen, "There is nothing quite so limited as being a limited partner of George Steinbrenner's".) Halper's 11 game pro career was already over by the time this card was released.


  1. They drafted him in the 54th round in '96 and the 45th round in '97. He went to Columbia, so he probably didn't need baseball to make a living.

  2. Glad they got there in one piece. I haven't been so lucky lately.

  3. I hadn't heard of Jason Halper, or his dad, before this post. It seems like if you're gonna get a cheap in like this, you should probably at least try to be a serviceable player.