Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Vintage Backgrounds: 1975 Topps

There are lots of interesting photos in 1975 Topps, which is kind of impressive considering there are very few on-field action shots, certainly less than in '73 or '74. Almost every photo has some kind of fun background, with interesting locations or players doing things in the back of the shot. However, in terms of blog material there's not a lot that hasn't been done already on other blogs or by me in posts on other sets. 

So I'll cover a couple of other things with this post. It's Like Having My Own Card Shop is running a contest where he's giving away some vintage cards, including a Sparky Lyle rookie card. Here's Sparky's '75 card. Looks like a spring training shot, right? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure this was taken in left field at Shea Stadium, the Yankees' home field in 1974 and 1975. Shea had almost no seats in the left field area until a small remodel around 1980. The see-through wall in the bullpen area, the green wall further on, and the two large poles also fit. For me the giveaway was the distinctive lightpoles, a very NYC style that was visible from the outfield (looking at the Shea parking lot).

Collecting Cutch is doing a blog bat around on cards of players wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses cards weren't as prevalent in the '70s as they would be in later years. Here's one that caught my eye. I'm 99% sure this is Shea Stadium too.


  1. I wonder what's the first baseball card featuring sunglasses.

  2. The blog bat around's seem to be getting a lot less elaborate than they used to be.