Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Not the leading brands

I picked up a big lot of cards, about 400 or so, that was mostly modern with a little vintage sprinkled in. It seemed to be every card brand that was not the "Big 5" (Donruss, Fleer, Score, Topps, Upper Deck). There was enough good stuff in there to be worth it for me.

Classic might have been the brand most represented. Mostly minor league cards, and as you can see lots of dupes if you need an early Johnny Damon or Alex Rodriguez card.

A fair amount of Bowman from various years. I did say a little vintage - there were two '52s in among the junk wax!
Nine from Post - three from '90, three from '91, and three from the early '60s! (After I took the photo I figured out the Estrada is actually a '62 Jello, not Post. Never had one before - the lack of the Post logo is the telltale.)

Lots of Stadium Club and Leaf. Most of these will be for trading.

Most of these will be keepers though - Conlon, Pacific, Pinnacle, Sports Illustrated, Ted Williams.

Some of the odder oddballs, including some food issues.

These were some of the most interesting modern cards in the box, including an on-card auto of Frank Rodriguez, and two Bo Jackson Broder cards. The "Turn Your Back on Crack" card is probably my favorite card in the lot.


  1. Love that there were 1952 cards sitting in with junk wax. That's what it's all about, and why sifting through lots can be so much fun.

  2. Jello cards are a little smaller than Post issues too.

  3. That first Bo Broder is really great, and is one that I've never seen before too.

  4. "Turn Your Back on Crack" for the win!