Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Wood vs. Wood #16

 Last time, four people commented on the post. Two people voted for the '87, and two others like the '87 photo better but the '62 design better. Let's see who you like better for #16:

Once again, a hatless portrait takes on an action photo. Maybe it's just my copy of the card but I think the '62 Darrell Johnson looks much better than the one of Dick Donovan. The photo looks much clearer in person. You can really see into the man's eyes here. Also there is a nice background of a stadium. Shibe Park?

Another action photo for '87. Maybe not the most exciting shot, it's a pose we've all seen a thousand times, but it's a nice clear, full-body photo of the pitcher.

Darrell Johnson appeared in parts of six major league seasons, appearing in 134 games. He was coming off his best year when this card was printed. He actually started the season as a coach for the Cardinals under manager Solly Hemus. When Hemus was fired in July, Johnson signed a playing contract for the Phillies, then was sold to the Reds in August and hit .315 in 20 games as they overtook the Dodgers to win the NL pennant. He had two hits in four at-bats in the World Series. He later managed three teams between 1974 and 1982, most notably winning the AL pennant with Boston in 1975. He died in 2004.

Pat Clements was a middle reliever, a throw-in when the Yankees got Rick Rhoden from the Pirates, and again when they traded Jack Clark to the Padres. In eight seasons he went 17-11 with 12 saves and a 3.77 ERA. He had a 5.09 ERA for the Yankees, and a 3.34 ERA for the four other teams he pitched for.

Which card wins this matchup?


  1. Clements wins because of those awesome Pirate pillbox hats.

  2. 1987 is going to win most of these. '62s just look so dated. I prefer the '62 frame but so many hatless head shots, it makes me think I wouldn't even have bothered collecting cards back then.

  3. Something about the background makes me go with the Darrell Johnson card.

  4. Clements gets my vote with the well-cropped action shot.

  5. Late, but Clements gets my vote