Saturday, May 8, 2021

Fun with discs

 I found a very cheaply-priced small lot of vintage discs and bought them without knowing much at all about them, just that they looked similar to other discs I had from the era, Pepsi-Cola discs. Those discs are a little bigger than a standard baseball card, so I was surprised to see my purchase come in a small PWE. Did the seller send the wrong thing? Were they damaged?

No, turns out these were Burger Chef discs (and one Wiffle disc) and it turns out those are smaller than a standard baseball card. Turns out what I had ordered were nine Cubs Burger Chef discs and one Wiffle disc of Yankees great Graig Nettles.

The always informative Wrigley Wax was a great source of information on these discs. One interesting thing to note is that all the cards have 1976 copyrights, but these are not 1976 cards. On his post Wrigley Wax notes that the Cubs didn't trade for Bill Buckner until January 11, 1977, and commenter Eric C. Loy added that the Cubs traded Bill Madlock on February 11, 1977, so the cards must have been printed in the one-month span between the two trades. 
And the Nettles card comes from a Wiffleball set that actually was produced in 1978! Seems that MSA, the company that made the discs (which were designed to be punched out of a Burger Chef meal or Wiffleball package) never bothered to update the copyright dates.

The posting didn't show the backs of the discs. They are a lot more fun than the typical Pepsi disc:

My favorite is "Where Wolf".


  1. Those Wiffle disc backs are amazing. Along with Where Wolf, I also like the cleverly named "Burgerilla". Burgerini isn't too bad, either.

  2. Never seen the BK discs like that. Love em.

  3. Love these discs. And I'm always learning about new sets and trading cards over on Wrigley Wax.

  4. I have the Dodgers' Burger Chef meal panel, unpunched, a gift from another blogger. I saw the whiffle ball discs as a kid, they'd come with individual wiffle ball boxes.