Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Vintage cards and so much more

 I got an amazing trade package from Johnny's Trading Spot. There were vintage baseball cards, of course, but so much more in two stuffed flat rate envelopes.

As you may know Johnny recently bought a large lot of '69 Topps. He found 43 that I needed. This actually gets me to leading less than 100 to complete the set (though I still need pretty much all the big stars).

What, me worry?
I wish there were more photos like this in the parade of head shots.
But some of the head shots are kind of interesting, like this one here of Ted Sizemore.

I'll address this again when I get to the 1969 "Art on the Back" post, but how can they make Black Virgin Islander Horace Clarke a blonde, but still draw such a caricature on the back of Cleveland Indian Steve Hargan's card?

The cards were just a small part of what was in there, though. Johnny recently acquired a bunch of 1960s-1980s sports publications for cheap, and generously sent most of them to me. Be warned - you can expect a long blog post on each of these over the next couple of weeks. I hope you love vintage baseball and advertising as much as I do!

In this photo: 1980 Phillies World Championship souvenir magazine; 1984 Phillies yearbook; 1976 All Star Game program; 1963 White Sox program, 1977 Phillies calendar, 1977 Pirates press guide

In this photo: 1976 Yankees program, 1969 Sport Magazine, 1969 Orange Bowl program, 1986 Orioles program, 1989 spring training program, 1989 Steve Carlton Day souvenir magazine, 1984 Sports Illustrated, 1978 Phillies yearbook

A little teaser inside a few of these, with some of the cards Johnny sent:


  1. That's cool that a lot of those 69' cards have articles in the mags.

  2. Obviously, the 1980 Phillies magazine wins the round.

  3. Nice of Johnny to send such a package. The Granger really is one of the more unique cards to come from the '69 set. The set itself probably would be more popular with collectors today had it had more cards like that in it.