Thursday, May 20, 2021


 Yesterday was a fun day to be a Yankee fan, with Corey Kluber pitching the team's first no-hitter in 22 years. It's only the 12th in the team's nearly 120-year history, so it's a real once-in-a-decade event, though they sometimes come in bunches (the Yankees had four from 1993-1999). This reminded me a lot of Doc Gooden's no-hitter in 1996 - an aging veteran, new to the team, reaching back for one more glorious moment in a May no-hitter. Gooden didn't do much for the Yankees after that, but 2021 Kluber has been better than 1996 Gooden so far.

I'm fortunate to have Kluber's rookie card, which misspells his name. Don't have a Yankee card for him yet but I imagine I will by next year.

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  1. Also a joyful moment for me. The first Yankees' no-hitter in my lifetime.