Tuesday, May 11, 2021

ASA sets Part III


The J. Roy Stockton Award was given to the best combover in each league.

Great action shot from Shea Stadium in the 1969 World Series
Great photo from the '71 All Star Game. Maybe not Clemente-Aaron-Mays but a great combo shot. A rare AL win in the 1970s.
Another great shot from the '69 World Series, this time in color!
Lots of rarities in this card - not too many cards with Mike Strahler, not too many American cards of Puerto Rico Winter League teams, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen Robinson with a mustache before.
Rochester Red Wings uniform here.
Here's a much better Dodger card for Robinson than the one he got in '73 Topps, showing him greeted at home plate by that guy who was in McMillan & Wife and The Six Million Dollar Man.
Somewhat less common uniform here, though there are a few Giants cards of him out there.
It's a shame Topps didn't use photos like this in the '50s. (I guess '56 is the closest)
These kinds of photos are always fun. Probably won't see new ones like this anymore.
Other than '64 Topps you don't see Duke in a Mets uniform very often.
But seeing him in a Giants uniform is even rarer.
Love the sign - "I use LIFEBUOY daily . . . like this. GETS SKIN CLEANER, STOPS B.O." Lifebuoy soap was sold in the US until 1973 and is still marketed in other parts of the world. Per Wikipedia, in the 1930s the Baker Bowl had a sign that read "The Phillies Use Lifebuoy" and a vandal added "And they still stink." This looks like a low minor league game but this what the World Series looked like in 1948. It's my personal favorite card of all these sets.
Great photo of the Braves getting off an American Airlines flight for the 1958 World Series. Hank Aaron immediately caught my eye.
This would have been a great card if not for Spahn's head being cropped out of the first shot.

You don't often see Spahn as a Met, other than '65 Topps.

But Spahn as an Indian is even rarer (I guess there's '75 SSPC). Looks like Mark Fidrych talking to the ball.


  1. Having attended college in Rochester, I knew Robinson spent time there. I've never seen a card depicting it though - very cool!

  2. Lots of Dodgers gems in those ASA sets. I never think to look for them, though. Maybe this will get me started.

  3. Frank should've kept the mustache.