Wednesday, May 26, 2021

1980 Phillies World Champions souvenir publication

 1980 World Champs. 

I have to admit I did not know a whole lot about the '80 Phillies before reading this. Seems that they were a very exciting team - the NL East race with the Expos went down to the last day of the season, with the Phillies and Expos neck-and-neck until Game 161.

This was followed by a wild NLCS with the Astros. The Phillies won 3 games to 2, and in all three wins were trailing until at least the sixth inning. The ten-inning Game 4 was a particularly wild one, with the highlights including an apparent triple play turned by the Astros that was overturned by the umpires, resulting in a twenty-minute argument, four double plays started by outfielders, and Pete Rose bowling over Bruce Bochy to score the winning run in the tenth.

You get color photos for the World Series highlights. I particularly like the day game shots in Kansas City. The World Series wasn't quite as dramatic as the NLCS, but two of the four Phillies wins in their 6-game triumph came in games where they trailed in the 8th.

The clincher! I do remember seeing highlights of Pete Rose catching a pop-up that was muffed by Bob Boone in the ninth inning.

There were several pages of photos from the parade and celebration in Philadelphia.

Woolworth sighting! Also Potamkin which is a big car dealership chain in NJ/NY/PA.

The last section has some nice photos accompanying the records set in this World Series, including several regarding how much money was brought in.



  1. Obviously a big deal because it was the Phillies' first World Series title.

    Game 4 of the NLCS I remember well. I watched the whole thing. It's one of those games that would have broken Twitter if it was around then.

  2. Phillies won the WS in 1980.
    Eagles won their conference in 1980.
    Flyers won their conference in 1980.
    76ers won their conference in 1980.