Tuesday, May 25, 2021

1984 Phillies yearbook

First of all, RIP to former Yankees catcher Phil Lombardi. He shared his thoughts on baseball cards with this blog in 2009.

Johnny actually sent me two copies of this publication, so one is up for trade. I took photos from the one that is a little more used-looking; happy to trade the newer one.

The Phillies debuted a new logo for 1984, designed by team artist Dick Perez.

There was a feature article on manager Paul Owens. Seems like an interesting guy. Served in Europe in WWII, met and married a French girl who spoke no English (Owens spoke some French) and brought her back to the US. He later built up the Phillies farm system that produced Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa, Greg Luzinski, etc.
Anyone want to guess the Phillies? I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post. Out of order, the players pictured are Larry Andersen, Steve Carlton, Joe Cipolloni, Tim Corcoran, Darren Daulton, John Denny, Kiko Garcia, Greg Gross, Kevin Gross, Von Hayes, Charles Hudson, Steve Jeltz, Jerry Koosman, Len Matuszek, Tug McGraw, Paul Owens, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Virgil.

Each member of the Phillies got a full page action photo with a list of their hobbies on the bottom. These look really nice.

For a sample I used Charles Hudson, because he had some interesting hobbies, and because he's always been a favorite of mine (he won the first major league game I ever attended, as a Yankee in 1987).

Happy to post any others people wish to see. And here are the hobbies for those who like that sort of thing, like I do:

Luis Aguayo: music, movies; Bill Campbell: golf, racquetball, cross-country skiing; Larry Andersen: flying airplanes; crossword puzzles; Marty Bystrom: golf, billiards, play drums; Steve Carlton: reading, martial arts, oenology; Larry Christenson: golf, sailing, reading, traveling; Ivan DeJesus: music, swimming; John Denny: Flying airplanes, model shipbuilding; Tim Corcoran: Fishing, tennis; Bo Diaz: music; Kiko Garcia: golf, reading, fixing cars; Greg Gross: golf; Kevin Gross: painting, duck hunting; Von Hayes: golf, fishing, hang gliding; Glenn Wilson: hunting, golf; Al Holland: swimming, collecting classic cars; Charles Hudson (above): backgammon, chess, dominos, pool; Jerry Koosman: flying, fishing, hunting; Joe Lefebvre: fishing; Sixto Lezcano: movies; Garry Maddox: reading, golf; Tug McGraw: cooking, boating; John Wockenfuss: fishing, hunting; Len Matuszek: audio and video recording; Juan Samuel: music, movies; Mike Schmidt: golf, electric trains; Jeff Stone: music, fishing; Ozzie Virgil: flying model airplanes, riding dunebuggies, fishing.

Some comments from youngsters on their school trips to Veterans Stadium. Most of the comments were positive, but Annie from the Brookline School in Haverton, PA did not like the cleaning smell in the locker room. There are a few other funny lines in here.

Another section with player statistics and some nice photography.
A few nice pages of prospect photos. I like the big Arial font, very reminiscent of Fleer cards of the time.
The photo of Willie Montanez literally holding the runner on first (Bob Watson?) was the highlight here, though the Richie Ashburn photo is pretty great too.
Three pages of photos of the Phillies and their families.

The back had feature articles on Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, John Denny and Al Holland, "Baseball's Mr. T".

The back had an ad for Phillies' sponsor Tastykake. The only other ad inside was for Gulf.

Answers: 1. Corcoran 2. Owens 3. Hudson 4. Matuszek 5. Jeltz 6. G.Gross 7. Garcia 8. Hayes 9. K.Gross 10. Andersen 11. Koosman 12. McGraw 13. Carlton 14. Schmidt 15. Virgil 16. Cipolloni 17. Denny 18. Daulton


  1. I had to look up Carlton's oenology hobby (study of wines/winemaking).

  2. Lots of golf and fishing enthusiasts on the '84 team!

    Also, the yearbook reminds me of a funny episode of The Goldbergs where Adam gets lost inside Veterans Stadium. Highly recommended.