Thursday, May 13, 2021

'66 lot

 First off, RIP former major leaguer Adrian Garrett. He shared his thoughts on baseball cards with this blog in 2011.

Those of you who use eBay may have noticed that they have messed around with how sellers can list cards. Looks like now there is mostly a focus on whether a card is graded or not. However they have taken away some other fields, including the "era" field in baseball cards, which is a disappointment for a vintage collector like myself, it was an easy way to get to the kind of lots I look for. From what I've seen online this has been a big disruption for sellers, which makes me glad I haven't gone down that route with my duplicates.

Here is an example of a cool vintage lot I picked up. There were no other bids on it probably because the title said it was 63 1961 cards but it was clearly a lot of 1966 cards. I did see a Harmon Killebrew in the pile in the photos so I took a gamble. (He ended up being the only big star in the lot.) When I got the cards, I realized the seller not only goofed on the year but the amount of cards - there were 80 in the package. No other big stars but I got 31 cards I needed which was great.

Cards I needed Part I. I already had a Dick Groat but this was the rare "no trade mention" on back. Ther is also a version of Uecker like that, the one I got is the more common version but I didn't have any '66 Ueckers yet.

Cards I needed part II.
From the 49 dupes, I've already set aside a few for a couple of trades. Here are the remainder that are still available. '66 isn't as popular a setbuild as '65 or '67 but maybe you are working on a set or need some for a team collection.

Part I
Part II
Part III


  1. I wasn't in the hobby when you ran that Adrian Garrett piece, so I'm glad you linked to it. I mostly know him as Wayne Garrett's brother. Love that "Pat Garrett" story--probably just a misunderstanding, but it's immortalized in cardboard. Nice job. Thanks.

  2. I thought something seemed different when searching on ebay recently but couldn't put my finger on it.

  3. Never used eBay...haven't found anything I wanted to overpay for.

    I do like that '66 lot, though.

  4. I've heard about the changes, but haven't seen them in action yet.