Monday, May 10, 2021

The ASA sets: Part II


Gene Tunney was a famous boxer who served in both WWI and WWII. The man on the right didn't get in the caption; he is Cmdr. David Goldenson, who was in charge of recruiting for the Navy in the Chicago area during WWII.

Bill Veeck's leg was smashed by an anti-aircraft gun while serving in the Pacific during WWII. His leg was finally amputated in the Winter of 1946 and he received an artificial leg shortly after; this photo must have been from some time in between.
In my recent write-up on Feller for his Sportflics card I mentioned the barnstorming league he created with Satchel Paige, so it was cool to get a card with this photo. Feller's admiration for Paige is clear in this shot.
Not the earliest night card, but probably one of the earliest night baseball photos to appear on a card?
My eye was drawn to the two older men, probably both born during the 19th century, in this photo.
There are two cards of Marichal on the Dodgers, which matches the number of games he pitched for them. Walter Alston appears on both cards.
Marichal in a Dodgers uniform is rare, but in an Old-Timers uniform is maybe even rarer.
Rare photo of Mays on the minor league Minneapolis Millers.
There is so much going on in this photo. It's Willie Mays Day at the Polo Grounds, August 8, 1954. Mays was given many gifts including a TV, and air conditioner and "a plot of land in the New York suburbs". The young girls in the photo were models recruited for the event. Audrey Smaltz, one of the models, mentions it in this article. But that sign - "Say Hey - Willie is our boy!" It's an important snapshot in time for baseball history and US history, but I don't think this card would be printed today.
1954 was Mays's triumphant return from the Army, leading the Giants to the World Championship.
Were there ever two rookies from the same season who went on to better careers?
Very bittersweet card.
And were there ever three better players on three different teams in one league at the same time?
Another awesome old-timers day shot. Four out of the 12 Mays cards had him in a Mets uniform.
Bet you didn't expect to see minor league Johnny Mize on a baseball card today.
Great photo of Wrigley Field before the outfield seats were constructed.
OK, maybe you expected to see minor league Mize on a card today. But how about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson)?
Lots of hair mussing photos in this era. Mize's two-out, two-run pinch-single in the top of the ninth provided the margin of victory in 1949's Game 3.
What pressure? Another unusual card from this set.
Does this kid look happy or terrified?

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  1. I picked up a card from the Marichal set at one of the last card shows I attended before COVID. They're nice sets with interesting photo choices.