Sunday, May 30, 2021

1977 Phillies Calendar

 This is an autographed calendar, as you can see. The owner of the calendar got the wives of manager Danny Ozark and announcer Harry Kalas to sign this. Virginia "Ginny" Ozark, originally from Lackawanna, NY, was married to Danny Ozark in 1949, and were married for 60 years when Danny passed away in 2009. Ginny died in May 2017. Harry and Jasmine Kalas divorced in 1987 after Harry's affair with Eileen Vawney. Jasmine died one month after Ginny, in June 2017.

Some months of the calendar featured action shots of the players, like this great photo of legendary slugger Mike Schmidt.
Others featured the players and their families around the city. My birth month featured the Luzinskis on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.
Cute picture of little Phoebe Lonborg snuggling with a rabbit with her parents Jim and Rosemary. Though, as this was taken at a food market, she might have been snuggling with dinner.
Judging by the fan reaction in the background, I'm guessing the Atlanta runner was safe.
Larry Bowa and wife Shena relaxing in Independence Historical Park.
Here's something you don't see very often. The Phillies wore pillbox hats on a few occasions in 1976 to celebrate the National League's 100th anniversary.
The last page of the calendar features the Phillies' wives, including Ginny Ozark on the top right.
Check out the phone numbers on the seating chart. Alpha-numeric numbers were already somewhat rare by 1977.


  1. Never heard of Alpha-numeric numbers... but as usual I learned some kind of history lesson from your post. Thanks Bo!

  2. Replies
    1. I remember nose bleeds at fulton Cty Stadium in the late 70's/early 80's for $1.50

  3. Love the pillbox hat photo. Love all the photos actually. ... Even as a kid I would've considered a phone number like that strange.

  4. I see a few keepers and a few that might have been victimized by '70s hair styles.

    '77 was the second of three consecutive NL East titles. After missing in '79, they came back to win it all in 1980.

  5. I think I have a crush on Larry Bowa's wife. Didn't see that coming.