Sunday, May 23, 2021

1986 Orioles program

 Here are Cal and Cal Ripken on the cover of a 1986 Orioles program.

Click on the picture for some funny baseball stories. Moe Drabowsky features prominently in a couple of them.

Baseball card-themed ad from Chase Bank of Maryland.
Here's an actual baseball card ad! Don't waste money on bubble gum!
Here's Dom DeLuise for NCR.
Enjoy Coca-Cola!
There were a couple of articles in the program that were more statistically-savvy than what you would typically see in 1986. One was about how on-base and slugging percentages were more reliable than batting average. This one proposes some new relief pitcher statistics. "Hold" has been pretty commonplace, but wouldn't it be interesting to track "squanders" too? (Spoiler alert - they jinxed Don Aase by putting his photo on this article.)
Finally, there is a scorebook that was actually used! The game is June 19, 1986. The Orioles blew a 4-3 lead in the eighth inning, with pinch-hitter Darrell Evans getting a big two-run single off Don Aase. There were a couple of home runs in the ninth, with the final score Detroit 7, Baltimore 5. The win capped off the Tigers' first sweep in Baltimore since 1962. You might notice on the bottom John Saunders, who was about to leave Baltimore to join ESPN later in 1986. (Looking him up I didn't even realize he passed away five years ago.)
Not shown (but I will take photos if anyone wants to see) - A feature article on Fred Lynn that takes some digs at his fancy fashions and California attitude - "He is the reason Ralph Lauren is a millionaire. . . . He has one of the top 10 suntans in history." Other articles on Orioles Productions, Old Timer's Day, Baseball Camps, Orioles Cruise, trivia, and a "Where are they now" feature on Jim Gentile. Other notable ads include Amoco, Bell Atlantic, Black & Decker, Norelco, Miller Lite, Arm & Hammer, Bud Light, Gatorade, Equitable, Nationwide, Allstate, United, Busch and Marlboro. Cal Ripken appears in ads for HTS, Esskay Hot Dogs, and milk (pre-"Got Milk", no milk mustache).