Saturday, June 6, 2015

This one belongs in the Great Sportscard Trade Hall of Fame

SpastikMooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and I used to be pretty regular traders, though we hadn't traded in a couple of years as his collecting interests narrowed. However, he has become a pretty shrewd dealer on COMC, and so we are trying a little experiment - I am sending him a few hundred of the unloved basketball cards I've been getting in various transactions, and he will see if he can squeeze some COMC cash out of them. In return he sent me some great cards, mostly from my priority wantlists. Too much awesomeness to show here, but some highlights:

Rare to see blood on a baseball card. I like the new play-at-the-plate rules. I think anyone other than an actual MLB catcher really shouldn't be arguing against them - I don't want to argue against someone's safety for my own entertainment.
 Roberto Alomar on the 1993 cordless phone.
 Which is rarer on a baseball card - blood or snow? Both are a lot more common on football cards.
 This great Reggie card brings me down to just one need for 1987 Sportflics. It's a common, too - Mike Krukow (#62). Anyone have one to trade?
 He did finish off my 1993 Stadium Club set with a couple of cards including this great Ozzie shot.
 He used some interesting packaging material including unopened junkwax packs and two copies of a graded Brandon Waring card. I cracked one out of it's plastic shell to add to my collection, but the other one is intact in case anyone wants to trade for a graded card of a seven-year minor leaguer who recently retired.


  1. Glad you liked 'em! And it's cool you broke out the one Waring...I got like 5 of the graded slabs and 4 of the raw card reviews from a guy a while back when I was trying to trade up for the Seneca Wallace Mirror Black. That quest kind of died but I still had a ton of Warings left and figured you might find something to do with them!

    Hopefully the basketball do well and we can get back to trading like we used to!