Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another box from Rocker Al

Here's some highlights from another rockin' $3 box.

Lots of Bowmans as usual. This time there was a large chunk of 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects, as well as a few of the non-chrome variety. Dupes of many cards including Danny Duffy here are available for trade.
 These boxes always have a ton of cards from 2006, 2007 and 2008 Topps. I've already completed the latter two sets and just need Derek Jeter (#500) from 2006. Anyone have that card to trade?
 Here's a pretty awesome card to get from one of these boxes. Joc Pederson is the likely NL Rookie of the Year. This card is selling for $9 right now on eBay. (Autographed versions are in the $1,000s which seems absolutely crazy).
 There's always a new surprise variation in these boxes. How about a shiny foil version of the MLB showdown cards?
 I don't like Ron Darling but I love this shot of the A's in the Yankee Stadium dugout.

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  1. That Showdown Durazo is awesome. Showdown was great, and the parallels are even better.