Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The $3 boxes just keep on coming

Some highlights from another one...

Pretty unusual to get a refractor in one of these boxes. I think he left it in because it was creased on the back, although somehow it didn't show up on the front.
 Lots more 2008 Bowman Prospects. No chrome this time but a lot of base and gold parallels. I'm really building up a few Bowman sets with these boxes.
 This box contained some 1995 Sportflix. Sportflics in the '80s were awesome cards that looked like you were holding a video in your hands. The 90's "flix" variation was a real disappointment, they seemed to go backwards in technology with just a slightly moving picture, sometimes with a fake background.
 Lots more '03 Fleer Tradition, too. I'm stocking up on some pretty random sets in these boxes, which is fine by me. Nice background on this Brian Tallet card.

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