Friday, June 12, 2015

Some more street-box cards

Highlights from the latest $3 box...

Lots of Bowman as usual. I really like the Bowman International cards. This one of Austin Kearns down on the farm is really cool.
 Recently Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown posted an awesome Bowman Chrome card where you can see the outline of the photoshopped-out name card in the chrome outline. It's hard to tell from the photo but something kind of similar is going on with Aaron Cook's feet here, just a ghostly outline...
 I wonder if Max Sapp hates his first name? I don't think I've seen a last-name-only autograph before. Actually, looking online it looks like his autographs always include his first name, so this might be just an error on Bowman's part. Sapp played three years in the minors before his career was ended by a life-threatening bout with meningitis.
 Most of the non-Bowman stuff was pretty standard, but as always there was a set or two that came out of left field, in this case a couple of Ultimate Victory cards, which were a shiny, blue-bordered parallel set to Upper Deck's Victory line.

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